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Why Two Celebrations?

Jan 23, 2016
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There has always been only the Independence Day Celebration organized by the Consulate Generals Office of Sri Lanka until last year, when at the last moment they were told by Colombo to not have it.But the former Consul General Mr. Malraj De Silva who resigned later last year had already made arrangements to hold the celebrations without the sponsorship of the Consulate Generals Office. He spent his own time, money and energy with a help from a few friends.

This year Serendib Foundation wanted to do it on their own for the first time and encouraged many choreographers and dance troupes to pactise actively. But on December 22nd they sent out an email to all the choreographers stating “ Unfortunately, we have only received few commitments that are not adequate to cover the estimated total budget of the production as donors have reached a saturation point, since it is the same group contributes to all other community events as well. Under these circumstances, we are not able to go through with the event. We will consider holding an annual event of similar nature, in future; which will be not a free event. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Medini Ratnayake President – Serendib Foundation “

Following this many of the groups called upon Sri Lanka Foundation to host the function as there was not going to be any Independence Day Celebrations in Los Angeles. At this junction Sri Lanka Foundation immediately went about making arrangements, assured the groups they could perform. Paid for Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Invited the Ambassador, Got the official blessing of the govenment and went ahead to host the event on the very weekend following the Independence Day.

Subsequently Serendib Foundation changed their mind and decided to continue to hold the proposed celebration and we of the Sri Lanka Foundation decided to contribute to and join Serendib Foundation on the weekend following at their celebration therefore there will be two celebrations and Sri Lanka Foundation will be at both.

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