News ≫ Was the Sri Lankan national arrested in Sydney framed?

Was the Sri Lankan national arrested in Sydney framed?

Sep 7, 2018
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Earlier last week News 1st reported that Sri Lankan student, Kamer Nizamdeen aged 25 was arrested in Australia on charges related to terrorism. There has been an outpour of positive comments about Nizamdeen both as an individual and as a student, some of Kamer Nizamdeen’s friends had this to say.

“Kamer would have had absolutely no reason to engage in such disgusting, hateful crimes to a city, which has been extremely opening to him for the past six years.” Nizamdeen’s brother noted that on every occasion he had met Kamer’s friends, they had told him that Nizamdeen he was always the person that people could turn to seek for advice.

Nizamdeen was an exemplary student and his impressive LinkedIn page says he’s been working as a Business Systems Analyst at University of New South Wales since 2016, where he helped develop several projects aimed at stopping identity theft. Kamer Nizamdeen a poster boy at his university and was also a Ph.D. student working at the University of NSW.

He had also developed an app in partnership with the New South Wales Police which assisted newly enrolled foreign students The Sydney Morning Herald asked perhaps the most pertinent question in this regard, “DID SOMEONE SET HIM UP?”

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