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Visit of High Level Buddhist Delegation to Japan

Dec 30, 2014
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Maha Nayaka of the Amarapura Maha Nikaya, Most Venerable Davuldena GnanissaraThero and Maha Nayaka of the Ramanna Maha Nikaya Most Venerable Napana Premasiri Thero visited Japan from 9th to 16th May accompanied by a high-level delegation of Buddhist clergy. The Most Venerable Maha Nayaka Thero’s visited Japan on the invitation of the the Embassy of Sri Lanka to attend a series of events organized by the Embassy in collaboration with Venerable YalagamuweDammissaraThero of the Hachi-oji Temple in Japan and the Shinnyo-en Temple in Tachikawa, Japan. A special event was organized at the Shinnyo-en Temple to mark the close and longstanding Diplomatic ties and Buddhist religious ties between the two countries.

During the visit, the Most Venerable Theros called on several senior Japanese Buddhist dignitaries including Her Holiness Shinso Ito, the Head Priestess of Shinnyo-en Temple in Tachikawa in Japan and also visited religious institutions in Kyoto where they exchanged views on the long standing religious ties between Sri Lankan and Japan.

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