News ≫ Vega – A Sri Lankan Luxury Sports Car

Vega – A Sri Lankan Luxury Sports Car

Feb 18, 2015
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When it comes to electric vehicles, perhaps you picture of the Prius or a fancy Tesla. When you say luxury sports cars you think of countries like Germany or Italy and when you say electric  luxury cars you think of United States and you wouldn’t think of a tiny island in the Indian Ocean.

A group of young innovators at Trace Expert City has come together and is going to design, create software, provide electronics and manufacture a luxury electric supercar in Sri Lanka. The Vega has a 3.5-second record from 0 to 60 mph. It has dual electric motors that drive the rear wheels and deliver a 900 horsepower. The sleek aerodynamic body is designed by Dhash Gunaratna. Thanks to the carbon fiber materials used the car weighs only 3000 lbs. And if its engineering team gets it right, it will boast of a range of 150 miles and speeds of up to 150 mph. Trace expects to create charging stations island wide and be the choice of many super car enthusiasts.

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