News ≫ Vatican award for Lankan book

Vatican award for Lankan book

Aug 5, 2017
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Gwen Herat has been honoured by the Vatican for the book, ‘Pope Francis, Hope for Christian Unity’. The award is one of three awards given annually to outstanding people who are recognized for artistic and literary works. She received a bronze medal, crafted and executed by the renowned artist, Alessia Di Giuseppe bearing the Vatican crest.

It came as a pleasant surprise to Ms. Herat as she never imagined an award for a book she wrote towards fostering Christian unity of a divided church when she saw Pope Francis as the only person who can do it.

The book, presented to Pope Francis by the Vatican Representative in Switzerland, was chosen as one among the ten outstanding books written on Pope Francis from around the world.

The book features a brief history of the Vatican along with contributions by different churches that make up the world’s Christian population and has colour photographs taken at different stages of the Pope’s life.

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