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Vacation on wheels

Aug 9, 2016
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In a drive to popularize motorized home holidays around the island for families in particular and groups of individuals, Go Outdoors, a fully owned subsidiary of Fairway Holdings, has embarked on an exciting program of enlisting individual companies and resorts to be the exclusive Caravan/Motor home park providers for their clients who rent out or use the caravans and motor homes they own. Daily News hitched a ride with Go Outdoors recently to get a feel of the adventure. Indeed the experience of traveling in a motor home was a novel experience. What was really satisfying was the fact that there is a bathroom that can be accessed any time without having to stop by a restaurant. Comfortable bunk beds mean that you snooze in comfort whenever you want and what time you want. In fact traveling in a motor home or caravan is just like being in your own home. Except it is a home on wheels! What more could you ask for? You can sleep, use the bathroom and cook your food while riding throughout the countryside. “This is operated by ‘Go outdoors’ that is into the leisure sector. They hire and sell motor homes and caravans. The difference between Motor Homes and is that a Motor Home is a vehicle you can drive and go wherever you want. It is a mobile home. It has a cooker, fridge and microwave. The Caravans and motor homes offered by ‘Go Outdoors’ are globally renowned brands which come with a comprehensive service guarantee so you need not worry.

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