News ≫ U.S. Embassy Hosts Iftar in Sri Lanka

U.S. Embassy Hosts Iftar in Sri Lanka

Jun 28, 2016
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U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap hosted leaders from the Sri Lankan Muslim community, government officials, civil society activists, and media representatives for an Iftar last night in Colombo. This is one of three U.S. Embassy-hosted Iftars in Sri Lanka during the month of Ramadan this year, including one in Jaffna and another for girls at the Fathima Welfare Center in Colombo.

“As we reflect on these core values of Ramadan, we also look to the future of the country – and the dedication Sri Lankans have shown in seeking to transform their country into a united, reconciled, peaceful, prosperous nation with equal opportunity for all,” said Ambassador Keshap.

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