News ≫ Two more footprints appear on Sri Paada rock

Two more footprints appear on Sri Paada rock

Jan 22, 2018
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The Maskeliya Police had requested the Commissioner General of Archaeology to conduct an archeological survey into a second set of footprints found on a rock located in a tea estate that lies in close proximity to the Sri Paada mountain range.This discovery comes in the wake of another set of footprints a a location nearby.

Police OIC Tyronne Ratnayake had put in this request.

A group of estate workers had come across the foot prints which were said to be embedded about three inches into a rock boulder. They were said to be performing Poojas (rituals) there after putting up a makeshift shed over the prints in order to protect them and pouring saffron water over them in a show of reverence. The toes can clearly be seen in this footprint.

The footprints have become all the more mysterious as according to the villagers no one approaches this rock which is situated in an area above the Moussakele Reservoir. (Ranjith Rajapaksa)

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