News ≫ Toronto Mahavihara to build monastic residence

Toronto Mahavihara to build monastic residence

Apr 28, 2016
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Canada’s first Theravada Buddhist Temple Toronto Mahavihara is on historic journey to construct a monastic residence. The new multipurpose building will provide accommodation additional monks and to provide larger space for the Dhamma School. With an expected area of more than 2000 sq. feet, the proposed building is sufficient to accommodate at least five classes. In addition, there will be a washroom and a pantry. Currently, the temple, built in 1998 houses all activities including the Dhamma School, which has a growing population students. On many occasions, the temple has difficulties of accommodating the growing number of devotees during functions.

“Toronto Mahavihara and its membership started its spiritual journey in July 1978 by establishing the first Canadian Theravada Buddhist Temple in Toronto. Our first location was at 3595 Kingston Road and in 1995 we moved to this site. Since then our congregation has grown considerably and our services to the Buddhist community in around G.T.A has expanded widely,” said Venerable Udupihille Wimalabuddhi Mahathera at special ceremony to mark the historic announcement.

“Toronto Mahavihara Dhamma School started with 7 children. With the growth of the membership, the children in Dhamma School also increased to about 200 today. Our main objective of constructing this Building is to accommodate the rapidly increasing number of students.”

Ven Maha Sngha, Consul General of Sri Lanka in Toronto, U.L.M. Jauhar, Deputy Consul General, Asoka Godawita, initial pioneers of Toronto Mahavihara, invited guests, parents and the children of the Dhamma School, were in attendance for the special announcement in Toronto.

– Sri Lanka Reporter Online

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