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The Traditional Osariya

Jul 12, 2017
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This Saturday is Sri Lanka Day Expo 2017, the one day event which showcases everything Sri Lankan from Appa to Ves Dancers. So incase you ladies are wondering what to wear. Maybe traditional Osariya would be the perfect outfit. Osariya is a garment of many colors and textures, the Kandyan sari or Osariya is the national attire of Sri Lankan women. It is a blend of tradition and style; a simple cloth of six yards with a width of three feet with origins traced to the Kandyan Kingdom, yet its roots are in South India.

Unlike in the Indian-style drape, the Osariya does not have pleats at the waist. The cloth is wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder. The frill around the waist is a unique feature. The sari blouse is often with puffed sleeves. The osariya consists of the sari, a blouse, an underskirt, and traditional jewellery.

Osariya’s come in various forms like Batik, Handloom, Hand-painted and cotton. To top of this royal look beautiful necklaces are worn which includes the agasti chain made from agate, circular silver beads called kasa gedi, pattan gedi and coral chains. Your ears can be adorned with some “Kudu karabu” – dangling earrings, some bracelets or bangles for your hands and a “havadi” a waist chain.

Now we have Osariya and the jewelry how do you wear this amazing outfit?
Step #1 – Wear the sari jacket and underskirt. Ensure the underskirt is tightened around the waist.
Step #2- Take the opposite end of the head-piece (pallu). Make pleats of about four inches. Place the pleats over the left shoulder, allowing them to reach the ankle. Secure the pleats first on the blouse with a pin. Adjust the pleats covering the upper body as desired.
Step #3- Tie a cord around the waist, which would further secure the pleats. Make sure the cord is firm.
Step #4- Take the sari from the right side, gently easing the sari through the cord to fall outward to form a frill around the waist.
Step #5- Once the frill is formed, the rest of the cloth is taken around the waist, methodically tucking into the cord. Secure with pins. Make sure the sari reaches the ankle after it is tucked into the cord.
Step #6- The drape ends in front with the head-piece or pallu facing forward and ending at the right foot. Secure with a pin at the waist.

So make sure to come join us this Saturday at Paseo Colorado at 12 noon to experience Sri Lanka. We also have exhibitors from Sri Lanka with various Sri Lankan clothes and goods. See you all there.

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