News ≫ The Tale of Two Independence Day Celebrations

The Tale of Two Independence Day Celebrations

Jan 29, 2016
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Sri Lanka Foundation is excited to host the first Meet & Greet with H.E. Prasad Kariyawasm and celebrate our 68th Independence day celebrations on February 6th at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. We originally decided to take on this event due the requests of those who felt abandoned by the cancellation email received from Serendib Foundation dated December 22nd, 2015. Thereafter Sri Lanka Foundation felt obligated to find a stage for our young people to make Sri Lanka proud. After searching for a location we were fortunate to find that the Independence Day weekend was available at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. Monies were paid, bookings were made on behalf of the choreographers and performers, calls were made to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington, the Consulate Office of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles and various city officials in Los Angeles. We were delighted to have the Ambassador’s confirmation and the support from the staff of the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles. By the time Serendib Foundation decided to re-commence their plans, we were already committed beyond possibility of cancellation. The SLF wished good luck to Serendib Foundation and sent a contribution. SLF Performing Arts Center is scheduled to perform at both events. Now we have two celebrations, we feel both events will be successful as they are both free events which benefit the community

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