News ≫ Thathjith Celebrates their 3 year Anniversary

Thathjith Celebrates their 3 year Anniversary

Jan 26, 2017
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Thathjith Dance Academy celebrated their three year anniversary last weekend. Over 300 community members from across the United States were invited to the lavish event that was done Sri Lankan Style.

Everyone was greeted with a warm Sri Lankan Ayubown and a sheath of betel. Guests were ushered to their seats by the girls of the Kasthirama troupe, who are the senior students at Thathjith dance academy. Plain tea and aggaala was served as a welcome meal. “I wanted to do our event totally Sri Lankan, I didn’t want to use any western traditions. Sri Lanka has a rich history of over 2,500 years and we have to show our rich culture, this is what kids learn at my dance school.” said Prasanna Yamasinghe, teacher & choreographer of Thath Jith Dance troupe.

Thirteen students received credentials to attend the traditional Paaimpath Ceremony and Mr. Yamasinghe thanked various members of the community for their continuous support to his dance troupe. Everyone enjoyed a fully authentic Sri lankan meal on banana leaves.

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