News ≫ Student of the Month – Yenuli Bimsara Wijethunga

Student of the Month – Yenuli Bimsara Wijethunga

Mar 10, 2019
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Meet Yenuli Bimsara Wijethunga, our Student of the Month for March 2019. She is 3rd grader who loves both Sri Lankan Traditional dancing and drumming. Yenuli is a remarkable learner. She has taken part in over 12 performances with the Academy of Performing Arts since 2016.

The Student of the Month program is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom. For a student to be a well-respected citizen, they must be able to balance many different areas of life. They must exemplify outstanding characteristics both as a student and as a citizen of the community. The student must be able to handle many different aspects of student life while maintaining excellence in the classroom.

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