News ≫ Startup Genome is adding Sri Lanka to its benchmarks

Startup Genome is adding Sri Lanka to its benchmarks

Sep 15, 2016
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Startup Genome (Formerly Startup Compass Inc.), is a platform for collecting and analyzing data about startups, entrepreneurs, and investors in local startup communities. Founded in October 2012 by Dave Lerner, Stefan Negritoiu and Shane Reiser, the platform enables its users to measure and promote their city’s, state’s, or country’s startup community or use the Startup Genome API to power their local projects. And now it’s here in Sri Lanka.
The tech startup ecosystem of Sri Lanka is a very young ecosystem and has seen a steady growth over the last few years. Many new startups have been born bringing out various innovative technologies and products out to the market and many young Sri Lankans have taken the big step towards becoming an entrepreneur.
Organizations such as ICTA (Information Communication Technology Agency), Startup Sri Lanka etc. have been responsible for carrying out numerous programs, initiatives and activities over the past several months to encourage and support startups and entrepreneurs in their journey.
Among them, Disrupt Asia – Sri Lanka’s first ever startup conference and showcase held earlier this year, is a culmination of these efforts by the ecosystem.
Now comes the next step in the leap forwards. ICTA has signed up with Startup Genome, the publishers of the “Global Startup Ecosystem Report” to include Sri Lanka as one of the ecosystems to be benchmarked among all other ecosystems in the world for their 2016 report.
The publishers of this report intend to collect as much data as possible from the participating ecosystem to be able to benchmark the ecosystem on various factors with other ecosystems.
As the first step, a comprehensive survey has been developed by Startup Genome. The purpose of this survey is to help them analyze the startup ecosystem of Sri Lanka. So if you’re a startup and/or an entrepreneur running startup/s, this survey will help Startup Genome immensely by providing your feedback for their report. That’s not all though. If you are a corporate, investor or fit into any other criteria, you can take part as well.
A separate survey will be carried out for you and you will be contacted when surveys for your category are made available.

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