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Sri Lux Fashion Show at Sri Lanka Day 2018

Jul 24, 2018
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A cultural Fashion show showcasing a modernized twist on luxury, elegance, and sophistication of Sri-Lankan style was directed by Rowena Kumaratunga at Sri Lanka Day 2018. The fashion show showcased beautiful handmade batiks, sarees, gowns, patriotic tees and some unique exotics designed and created by Rowena herself.

The fashion show began with patriotic tees by CurryBoyz and boys and girls in batik sarongs. Then some beautiful modern jean batiks by Sanathana Batiks, followed by beautiful sarees by Eric Suriyasena, the creator of Batik Art whos career spans over five decades.

The exotics were created by Rowena and they showcased the beauty of Sri Lanka. The exotics were the Lion, The Pearl, Island Goddess, the Lotus, Yaka and the peacock. The Sri Lankan flag represents all the different culture, ethnicities and religion that make our country into one. The Golden Lion represented the Sinhalese ethnicity and the kastane sword in its right fore paw stands for the authority and bravery of the nation

The Pearl costume was absolutely stunning as it represented Sri Lanka, nestled in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by bountiful waves and exotic beauty all around, Sri Lanka is known to many as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and is a true paradise on earth. The water lily represents our national flower. Its elegance and purity are used in many religious ceremonies. The water lily was declared the national flower of Sri Lanka on 26 February 1986. It is found in all parts of the island and grows mainly in shallow water. The flower is considered a symbol of truth, purity, and discipline.

The island goddess costume showcased the beautiful lush green landscapes of Sri Lanka. Rowena handstitched over 1,000 flowers to the dress to make it exceptional. The Yaka mask is our tribal mask. This mask is a very distinctive creation. It represents the emotion anger in its mostly red design. It was created to wear off evil and is used in many healing and spiritual rituals.

Everyone was in awe to witness the beautiful peacock costume which was created by Rowena. “It took me so much time to create each individual peacock feather and then hand stitch each feather to the gown. ‘Peacocks are associated with openness, as they tend to display all their feathers when they spread their tail. symbolizes immortality, and they have the ability to thrive in the face of suffering. They also symbolize purity, hence their feathers are often used in Buddhist purification ceremonies.”

Sri Lanka Day is an annual one-day event organized by Sri Lanka Foundation International showcasing everything Sri Lanka has to offer. From beautiful a colorful cultural show to delicious Sri Lankan food to various exhibitors with Sri Lankan goods to an amazing Pagent of Lanka on Colorado Boulevard and live music. For more information visit

Watch the video of the beautiful fashion show here

Pics by Moran Perera Video by Prabha Bamunuarachchi

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