News ≫ Sri Lankan To Coach USC Rugby Team

Sri Lankan To Coach USC Rugby Team

Oct 13, 2015
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Natasha Perera of Sri Lankan origin was lately named as the rugby head coach of the University of California. She has previous lead CSU Fullerton for 3 years, represented Fullerton Rugby for a period of 10 years and played for the Southern California Griffin All Stars for over 6 years.
However, the turnaround in her career was when she captained the Griffins during their tour of Sri Lanka in 2010. Natasha was honored by the City of Fullerton in 2010 for becoming the longest playing female youth rugby player of the nation.
Apart from her career achievements, Natasha is a degree in Communications, with a concentration in Entertainment Studies. She has also been featured in the Rugby Magazine. Sheis a great leader on and off the field and has a great passion for the game. Courtesy of

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