News ≫ Sri Lanka’s most exclusive family gathering – Mercedes Benz Pageant

Sri Lanka’s most exclusive family gathering – Mercedes Benz Pageant

Apr 25, 2016
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Every year a unique family event takes place in Colombo. This event is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the automotive calendar in Sri Lanka. It is non-other than the Mercedes-Benz Pageant – an event unparalleled to any. The Mercedes-Benz Pageant is an event for Mercedes-Benz cars, their owners and families. This is the only event in Sri Lanka, probably even in South Asia, where more than 500 Mercedes-Benz cars, their owners and their families get-together for fellowship at one location.

The Mercedes-Benz Pageant is organized by the Mercedes-Benz Club of Sri Lanka and is sponsored by DIMO – the only Authorized Distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka. The Mercedes-Benz Club comprises of some die-hard and passionate individuals of the three-pointed star, who take pride in organizing this event every year. No other automobile franchise in Sri Lanka can boast of an event such as this, and no other luxury car franchise can come even close to having this many Classic and Young-Classic cars.

This year the Mercedes-Benz Pageant will take place on 30th April 2016 at the BMICH. Driving-in, in a Mercedes-Benz is the exclusive pass to the Mercedes-Benz Pageant – irrespective of the model, age, condition and even the type of Mercedes-Benz vehicle. The pageant will be open to Mercedes-Benz cars driving-in at 7am on Sunday, and will be open to the general public at 10.30am. Mercedes-Benz owners and their families will have the opportunity to witness Mercedes-Benz vehicles from Pre-War era to the latest, including the flagship Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS! A highlight of the event will be the displaying of the New GLE-Coupe and the all new mammoth GLS.

In addition there will be many exciting activities for kids, teenagers, ladies and gents. There will be many games of skill, where customers and their family members can stand the chance to win prizes from DIMO. This event also provides the opportunity for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts to experience most of the Mercedes-Benz cars in Sri Lanka, at one place. They can interact with other owners and exchange information and knowledge. All Mercedes-Benz owners and their families are kindly requested to keep Saturday the 30th of April free, to experience an event like no other, where all stars come to BMICH to dazzle and shine. (Media Release)


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