News ≫ Sri Lanka paying households to produce solar energy

Sri Lanka paying households to produce solar energy

Sep 8, 2016
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Sri Lanka has launched a scheme to encourage people to produce their own electricity.
The government will provide solar panels to homes at a subsidised rate. Households will get paid for any extra energy they produce and don’t use. The excess energy which will be added onto the national grid.
The Cabinet has approved a programme called ‘Battle for Solar Energy’ to boost renewable energy use in the country. It aims to have 1 million domestic solar units across the country, with 20% of consumers producing their own electricity.
Starting on 6 September, the scheme is being implemented in stages across the country. The first phase will include the north, south and eastern provinces.
Currently 50% of Sri Lanka’s electricity is produced through renewable energy. The government wants to push this to 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2030.

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