News ≫ Sri Lanka: New Website for Language Facilitators

Sri Lanka: New Website for Language Facilitators

Aug 26, 2016
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The Office for National Unity & Reconciliation (ONUR) in partnership with the Department of Official Languages launched the website for Bilingual and Trilingual Resources Pool which allows public institutions to have access to qualified translators in ensuring language rights of all citizens, a statement from the institute said.
“The inability for any citizen to be able to communicate with Public Institutions in their language of choice, has been a challenge for over 6 decades and the initiative has now paved the way for Public Institutions to fulfill this obligation, to re-affirm the commitment of Government of Sri Lanka to serve all citizens with respect and dignity,”.
The Cabinet has approved the establishment of a bilingual / trilingual resource pool to facilitate the working of the Government in both national languages. After a competitive examination, 300 bilingual / trilingual resource persons have been selected from across the country.
ONUR, which has been established with a mandate for promoting and providing for a society that respects Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, Justice, Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity to achieve lasting Reconciliation in Sri Lanka, has worked closely with Ministry of National Languages, Coexistence and Dialogue, Department of Official Languages and Public Administration Ministry in making this initiative a success.
The Department of Official Languages, from now onwards, is expected to be managing standards and adding value from time to time in the provision of these services through the Bilingual / Trilingual resource pool in ensuring that public institutions are supported in having access to language resources.

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