News ≫ Sri Lanka creates a series of afterlife print ads using the smallest pieces of paper

Sri Lanka creates a series of afterlife print ads using the smallest pieces of paper

Aug 4, 2016
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Sri Lanka’s national english daily newspaper “Ceylon Today” as part of their initiative to further encourage and highlight the importance of recycling, recently launched a series of ‘Afterlife’ ads created by TBWASri Lanka.
They engaged their readers with an interesting fact by focusing their attention on how, even though, people are prone to recycling frequently, it’s in our nature to recycle in large quantities, forgetting the tiny pieces of paper. It is a global habit that they felt needed to change.
So Ceylon Today made it their mission to put Sri Lanka on a path to recycling every piece of paper, regardless of size. Hence, they went in search of the tiniest pieces of paper that people would seldom ever think to recycle – The Chad. Chads are the tiny round pieces of paper left behind after papers are punched. It was the perfect find to convey their strong belief that “even a tiny piece has an afterlife”.
They produced 3 ads depicting 3 different devil masks made up of Chads. It was a pertinent reminder – that even the tiniest piece of paper recycled, goes a long way in saving the planet – demonstrated by the devil masks, which in Sri Lankan arts and culture, represent the afterlife. Furthermore, they undertook the task of punching each and every page the ads appeared on, in all their newspapers in national circulation and sent the massive cache of leftover paper to be recycled, further driving the belief that no piece of paper should be left un-recycled and renewing the fight to tackle pollution.

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