News ≫ Spill gates of Rantambe Reservoir to be opened

Spill gates of Rantambe Reservoir to be opened

Jan 31, 2018
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The Disaster Management Center (DMC) has issued to residents downstream the Rantambe Reservoir to be vigilant of rising water following the heavy showers received in the catchment.

The DMC requested residents in Mahiyangana and Minipe DS Division and Mahiyangana, Minipe, Morayaya, Ambagahapelassa, Handaganawa, Hasalaka, Rohana GN Divisions to be vigilant for the next couple of hours of rising water levels.

“There was a high possibility of opening the spill gates of the Rantambe Reservoir within the next two hours,” the Disaster Management Centre warned a short while ago.

It asked the residents living downstream Mahavali River from Rantambe should vigilant of rising water levels.

(Thilanka Kanakarathna)

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