News ≫ Social Media for Social Healing, not for Social Wounding

Social Media for Social Healing, not for Social Wounding

May 2, 2019
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Let’s be very mindful of every word that we write, every photo we post, and every post we share. Let’s not share posts with hatred, fear, and violence. Lets actively contain and counteract such socially wounding messages. In the meantime, let us write and share messages which will contribute towards social healing.

Before clicking “Post” or “Share”, please review if what you are just going to post and share will be healing the society, not wounding it. Also please review how a survivor or an affected person will feel about what you post or share. With this precious gift of social media, please be a social healer, not a social wounder!

Social media is back at an important juncture in the history of Sri Lanka. Realized how much the friends around the world care about us and Sri Lanka! Thank you very much for being with us and for sharing love and prayers. As citizens, we need to be responsible for our social media use. Social media can be used for social wounding as much as for social healing.

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