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SLYO Mentoring Leadership Program- Medical Pathways

Nov 13, 2020
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SLYO Leadership Mentoring Program – Medical Pathways

SLYO’s Leadership Mentoring program is a new project that aims to connect underserved populations with reliable and experienced mentors to aid them in achieving their long-term goals. The Medical Pathways Mentorship committee is a team composed of multiple medical professionals who are committed to supporting the selected pre-med students through pursuing their careers in the medical field. These mentors will be supporting and advising these students not only throughout the process of applying to their desired medical programs, but also continuing into their medical education.

Our goal is to prepare these future medical professionals for success in the medical field career of their choice with personalized advice to help them overcome whatever unique challenges they face during their education. This program offers a full-service email contact to a practicing physician that will be available to the mentees at any point during their medical journeys. We will also be hosting group meetings every other month to keep communication open and plan the next steps of the process in each student’s medical journey. As this is a new program, we are open to improving and altering things as we move along and get to know each student, but we are all fully committed to doing what is best for our students in helping them reach their future goals as successful medical professionals!

Dr. Lihini Weerasinghe
Director of Leadership Mentoring Program – Medical Pathways

for more information contact:
Aruni Ganewatte, M.S.
P.O. Box 18311
Encino, CA 91316
Phone 1(818) 644 9665

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