News ≫ SLF Int, USA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Professor Tissa H. Illangasekare For his excellence as a Internationally recognized Researcher, Academic and Engineer

SLF Int, USA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Professor Tissa H. Illangasekare For his excellence as a Internationally recognized Researcher, Academic and Engineer

Jul 24, 2022
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Professor Tissa Illangasekare is an internationally recognized Researcher, Academic and Engineer, born in Kandy, Sri Lanka, primary and secondary education was at St Anthony’s College, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering from University of Peradeniya. After completing his degree in Bachelor of Science (honors) in Civil Engineering in 1972 and serving as an instructor, he joined the graduate program in Water Resources Engineering at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok, Thailand. At AIT he worked on number of water resources projects in Thailand, Nepal and the Philippines. He obtained his Ph.D in Civil Engineering specializing in groundwater at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Prof. Illangasekare has made significant scientific contributions in the field of water and Environmental Engineering with societal impacts. His research has contributed to addressing many critical problems involving the protection and sustainability of water, assessment, and mitigation of climate change impacts due to global warming, and alternative energy development. He has received numerous national and international awards from professional societies and International organizations. He has served and currently serving as the Editor of the premier journals in hydrology and earth sciences and other leadership roles in professionals societies. He is one of the first Sri Lankan’s to come to USA for graduate studies and develop an academic career that has impacted thousands of students and mentored close to forty PhD students, sixty MS thesis students, and twenty five post-doctoral researches coming from close to thirty countries in the world. He has published close to 200 peer reviewed articles, and edited two books, and contributed 18 book chapters.

Professor Illangasekare received the 7th Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Groundwater Prize, one of the most prestigious awards for water research and highest International honor in the field of groundwater from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for describing subsurface transport in groundwater, systems for the reliable predictions of the long term fate pollutants in 2016. He also received other Awards for many other highest accomplishments through out the years.

He has been active in research for close to forty years. His research projects have been funded by highly competitive US funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Department Energy, Department of Defense, National Institute of Health (NIHES), Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture, and industry sources.

Prof. Allangasekare’s current active projects are: Subsurface storage of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) in deep geologic formations to mitigate global warming. Dynamic coupling of soil structure and gas fluxes measured with distributed sensor systems: implications for carbon modeling. Modeling and evaluation of emerging contaminants in the subsurface ( Poly-and Perfluoroalkyl Substance). Land atmospheric interaction as applied to global warming, and hydrology and human health.

He has also made active collaborations in many countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

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