Nov 4, 2020
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With the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic still spreading worldwide and the public economic crisis continues, Sri Lanka Foundation partnered with the three State Departments, the Franchise Tax Board, Small Business Administration, Employment Development Department, experts in Running promotion through Online Marketing & Running Business Remotely and Banking and Real Estate to address essential issues, share their ideas and provide resources on October 25th, 2020.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United States, Hon, Rodney Perera was one of our special guests, and in his speech, he thanked the Sri Lanka Foundation for the selection of expert professionals to generate awareness and resources of the crisis areas, and the other special guest was, Kasthuri Chellaraja Wilson, the group Chief Executive Officer of Hemas Holdings PLC in Sri Lanka inspired the audience with her success story, how she moved herself in to the leadership role at a very young age.

Many concerned and great questions were pouring in from the attendees which were answered by our speakers. We received many positive comments from our listeners thanking and applauding our panelist for a job well done and said that they are looking forward to our next Webinar.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Panel and the Distinguish Guests and the Attendees, our SLF News email blast will be updated with appropriate resources and our next webinar coming is the Academy of Performing Arts on November 8th, 2020.

see below Feedback received from our participants :

Congratulations on a very well-rounded WEBINAR on a crucial subject area at this critical time. I am sure it gave valuable insight and information to many of the listeners. I know you put in a great effort to pull it through, but you should be proud that at the end of it, you were able to make the Foundation perform an excellent service to the community.
Well done! Nandi.
PS: Do try to make the introductory part at the beginning short. Try beginning with the first speaker ASAP and then introduce other speakers and information sandwiched between the other speakers. Today it was more than half-hour before the first speaker came online and you may lose listeners that way. nj.

Nandasiri (Nandi) Jasentuliyana
President Emeritus, International Institute of Space Law
Former Deputy Director-General, United Nations,
Director, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Thank you, Keshini for organizing it.
It was a great webinar with a lot of useful information.
Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

Asoka Sellahewa 178 Bergamot Drive Covina, CA 91722

Hi Keshini,
Thank you for hosting the Webinar. I found it to be very resourceful and informative. Looking forward to your future events. By the way, don’t let my name mislead you. I’m also from Sri Lanka. : ))
David Morgan
William Carey International University
“For a verdant and flourishing world, ripe with wholeness and peace for all people”

Sri Lanka Foundation thank you for a very useful webinar. A job well done by the Panelists. Best, Karu

Dear Friends,
Well-Done! Yesterday’s event was perfect in every way. I left the webinar astounded at the level of dedication and hard work every panel member put into his/her presentation. May you all reach every height of success!
To the SLF webinar organizers, you did an outstanding job. Planning and executing a webinar of this magnitude is no small feat.
I would certainly be remiss if I did not thank Keshini for all she did to make this a success. You are such a dedicated, hard-working, and yet still tenacious at the same time. You’re an inspiration to all of us.
I hope our paths will cross soon. Until then, please stay safe and healthy!

I would like to extend a great big thank you ?? to each of you not only for your work today but for the work that you do every single day. Your dedication and passion for service is apparent and I appreciated the opportunity to get to know each of you throughout this process. If I, or my office may of service to you or your constituents in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or have them reach out to my office by emailing
With gratitude!
Be safe and stay healthy.
Ben Raju,
Director of SBA/ Los Angeles

Good evening Keshini,
What a beautiful and uplifting experience today.
I congratulate you on organizing this amazing event to provide the Sri Lankan community with important information and resources to help them manage through the pandemic. The well-balanced program was spot on and demonstrated the power of working together toward a common goal.
Best Regards,
Ken Gomez
Deputy Division Chief
Los Angeles/Coastal Workforce Services Division
Workforce Services Branch

Good afternoon to you all!
My gratitude goes to the amazing team at the Sri Lanka Foundation for hosting this webinar. Your dedication and hard work was on display yesterday.
It was my privilege to be among so many accomplished panelists and I too learned so much from the wealth of information that was presented.
Thanks again and be well!
Sewvandi Perera
Realtor 818-281-5387

Good Morning everyone,
What an amazing webinar. Thank you Keshini and team SLF for your tremendous effort and you succeeded. I couldn’t say any better than Selvi, Ben and Sewandi. Dr. J’s vision and mission was well displayed last Sunday. I have never seen a such a webinar organized with all financial aspects.
It is my greatest pleasure to meet all the panelists as well. A well balanced perfect online network. I’m really looking forward to work with you all. Thank you again SLF giving me this wonderful opportunity.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Kind regards,

Aruni Boteju
Small Business Officer/ AVP
Southern California Small Business Banking
15165 Ventura Blvd,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Cell: (818) 309 -7480 Fax: (402) 445-7156

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