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Sinhala New Year

Apr 13, 2017
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The Sinhala and Tamil New Year or the Aluth Avuruddha is the most important holiday in Sri Lanka and is said to be a tradition which has a history of over 2000 years. We celebrate the New Year when the sun travels from the twelfth zodiac sign of Pisces to Aries, the first zodiac sign. It is a time for family, unity and a time to taste delicious sweetmeats like Kavum, Kokis and Mung kavum. A time to stand around the festive table and observe rituals like offering betel leaves to elders and worshipping them, followed by transactions or “ganu denu” and anointing of nana which is oil for the new year.

It is also a time for Avurudu games like “Olinda keliya”, “pancha dameema”, “ daan adeema” were essentially indoor games while the giggling girls enjoyed swinging in the “onchillawa”. It is a time for unity, togetherness and fun.

Wishing all our readers a happy and prosperous New Year.

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