News ≫ “Raavana 1” – First Satellite Built And Designed By Sri Lankans

“Raavana 1” – First Satellite Built And Designed By Sri Lankans

Apr 19, 2019
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‘Raavana 1″, at 1,000 cubic cm in size and 1.1 kg in weight is the first ever Sri Lankan satellite to be launched into the orbit. It was designed and built by research engineers Tharindu Dayaratne and Dulani Chamika from the Arthur C. Clarke Institute, Moratuwa, at the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan. “Raavana 1 ” is expected to orbit the Earth for approximately 15 times per day. ‘Raavana 1’ was designed to accomplish five missions. Its camera mission is to take pictures of Sri Lanka and its neighboring countries. Its Lora Demonstration Mission is to validate the module/to be used to data download next satellites. The Attitude Determination and Control Mission of ‘Ravaana 1’ involve the team trying to reduce the angular velocity of the satellite using magnetic torquers. Sri Lanka’s first satellite Raavana 1 was launched successfully into space yesterday from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s East Shore. The event which occurred at 2.16 am marked Sri Lanka’s entry into the global space age. BIRDS-3 satellites from Japan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka were taken to International Space Station (ISS) as a cargo and had been boarded onto Antares rocket in this mission which is carrying the Cygnus cargo spacecraft. Source

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