News ≫ NuAsia brings a new sound, a new love to country music, from Asia to America

NuAsia brings a new sound, a new love to country music, from Asia to America

Jun 30, 2023
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NuAsia, led by Roshan Seresinhe, brings a new sound and love to country music from Asia to America and Enters the Emerging 300 chart with its debut Single “Quiet Violence” at #140. 

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NuAsia’s debut album, Quiet Violence, released June 9, will break some new ground in country music. Judging from the title track, the album will draw many country fans and create some new ones. Most of the new ground, in case the band’s name doesn’t clue you in, is that all six of the musicians are of Asian heritage, by the design of the band’s drummer, leader, executive producer, and founder, Roshan Seresinhe, who is a Sri Lankan native. Another is the band’s lead singer and co-writer, Saint Cloud, a 22-year-old Boston woman of Vietnamese descent, a contestant from“The Voice,” whose voice can go from whispery and ethereal to clear and forceful. Keyboardist Isamu McGregor, of Japanese descent, says Roshan “is a jazz pianist and keyboard player of the first order” who has played all over the world in a variety of genres. Mark Flores, a fabulous lead guitarist who owns an impeccable resume, is of Filipino descent. Two other impressive Sri Lankan musicians Dhammika Jayasinghe on Bass Guitar and Janesh Ruwanpathirana on percussion, complete the rhythm section. NuAsia is a pioneering band that is setting a precedent for Asian artists in the country music scene. With their incredible talent and passion, they are sure to achieve the highest levels of success and inspire a new generation of country-pop music lovers from diverse backgrounds. Also, make sure to stay connected to NuAsia on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts. 

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