News ≫ Noritake Lanka Porcelain unveils new product range

Noritake Lanka Porcelain unveils new product range

Jul 9, 2016
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Noritake Lanka Porcelain recently added a range of products to its portfolio by unveiling blue lotus themed, porcelain, bone china, stoneware and cutlery products.
The five ranges of products that launched were Cher Blanc, Grandir, Noritake Culinary White, Colorwave and Rochefort.
“The most important thing we deliver to our customer is the quality and the standard. We are also in the process of developing a series of high-class porcelain ware to match your requirements in the hotel sector,” Director/General Manager Sujatha Egodagedara said.
Noritake Lanka Porcelain (Pvt.) Limited (NLPL) Chairman Y. Mubachi said that due to increased demand, they have decided to stretch their wings.
“As the country is developing rapidly, the local customers are looking for standard and quality products. Hence, we decided to offer you an opportunity to enjoy a range of Noritake products,” he said.
Cher Blanc, made for all occasions, specially for hotels and restaurants, comes in pure white and the features as noted are – light, thin and translucent.
The Grandir line is translucent white, made to fit any style of cuisine.
Noritake Culinary White is designed for five-star, luxury boutique segment. The features as noted are – chip resistant, thermal proof and resistant to cutlery marks.
Colorwave is a dinnerware made from durable stoneware.

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