News ≫ New Cabinet paper to develop school curricula: Education Minister informs principals

New Cabinet paper to develop school curricula: Education Minister informs principals

Aug 24, 2020
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A new cabinet paper will be presented seeking approval to modernise and develop the school curricula to meet contemporary conditions and requirements, Education Minister Professor G.L.Peiris informed a group of school principals on Thursday.

At a meeting held with the principals of several leading schools at the Education Ministry, Minister Peiris said the development of children’s analytical knowledge and critical thinking was paramount.

Terming education as an expedition, the Minister said the opportunities and room available for the children to expand in the existing education system was minimal.

“Therefore, it is vital to shape the educational structure in a way that can enhance the children’s keenness and spirit. This should be done with the input of everyone. A broader discussion will be taken place at district level across the country in respect of the development of the curricula, prior to the ministry making a final decision. The opinions and views of the teachers, parents, past pupils organisations, civil societies and religious organisations were vital in this process. A future decision will be taken after thoroughly studying all these aspects,” the minister said.

The ministry in a statement said the principals who were present at the meeting briefed the minister on the possible changes that should be made in the education field.

The minister invited the principals to put forward ideas on restructuring the curricula to represent novel employment opportunities.

The issues which have arisen from having no text books for the Advanced Level classes and how to conduct career guidance in an effective manner were also discussed.

The contribution which the leading schools in the country could make in uplifting the standards at schools across the country was also discussed and the ministry said Minister Peiris requested the principals presented to extend their cooperation in this regard.
By Lahiru Pothmulla

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