News ≫ NDB unveils “Greatest Wealth is Health”-themed calendar for 2017

NDB unveils “Greatest Wealth is Health”-themed calendar for 2017

Jan 6, 2017
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NDB Wealth has unveiled a “Greatest Wealth is Health”-themed calendar for 2017. It offers a number of easy, and effective, tips for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The idea is that these simple, healthy living suggestions will in turn help temper unexpected financial shocks, resulting in a positive overall impact on your wealth management. NDB Wealth introduced its 2017 theme with the comment, “If you can’t work, you can’t save.

NDB Wealth CEO Prabodha Samarasekera said, “Maintaining good health has untold benefits, and not just for quality of life and happiness. Healthier people suffer fewer medical problems and so work, earn and save more. Also, they are less prone to financial shocks in terms of medical and other emergencies. All these savings can be put to better use, enabling smarter and more consistent investing.”

NDB Wealth recommended the following 12 small, monthly changes that its customers can utilise to lead a healthier life: drink adequate quantities of water every day, do not forget to eat breakfast, get enough sleep allowing you to heal and recharge, keep a food diary, which will encourage you to eat fewer calories; take a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day, which is all the exercise you really need and incorporate just five fruits or vegetables into a daily diet to show dramatic positive results. “Maintaining positive habits, including staying hydrated and eating well, appropriately and on time, as well as reducing stress, is very important, and should never be taken for granted.

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