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Modern travel facilities to City of Colombo

Sep 1, 2017
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Seven railway lines connecting the City of Colombo with all satellite cities through a light train network and a Central Transport System (CTS) at Pettah will be established with access roads to all express ways, Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said.

He added that the reclamation of land from the sea for the Port City was in progress on a rapid pace and ahead of schedule and the first land auction at the Port City will be held next year.

Minister Ranawaka also said a light train system will be established for the convenience of the people in the Colombo City and satellite cities that would record a 6.5% development in the construction sector.

Addressing a ceremony held to mark the opening of the Meegoda – Attygala Road, Minister Ranawaka said the city of Colombo will be subjected to a huge transformation in the next 10 years and the largest number of caterpillars and heavy machinery in South Asia will be used in Colombo on its way to make Colombo the centre of excellence in the region.

“We cannot be satisfied on the progress that has been made during the past couple of years. We have achieved only 4% progress in the service sector and 3.8% in the agricultural sector. Only in the construction sector have we achieved some satisfactory development. But development in the construction sector can be an inducement to other sectors as well,” Minister Ranawaka emphasized.

Minister Ranawaka said the land auction at Port City would become a reality as the Yahapalana government was able to renegotiate the land reclamation agreement with the Chinese with favorable terms. With the new CTS the entire national transport network will be interconnected.


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