News ≫ Meet the Designers of CFW 2017: Conscience

Meet the Designers of CFW 2017: Conscience

Mar 9, 2017
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Conscience by founder of Colombo Fashion Week, Ajai Vir Singh is one of Sri Lanka’s first ethical fashion labels on the basis of ‘Fashion for Good’. With handcrafted garments made with ethically sourced fabrics, the brand is deeply rooted in being conscious of what you do, and in this case – conscious of what you wear!

Set to take to the runways this March at the Colombo Fashion Week held from the 13th – 18th of this month, we speak to Ajai about ethical fashion and what the Summer 2018 collection has in store!

What is the ‘Conscience’ brand?

Conscience is Sri Lanka’s first ethically conscious brand which bases it design philosophy on ‘fashion-for-good’ and a brand that believes in creating supply chain of happiness, something that impacts every aspect of the fashion development cycle.

As a designer passionate about ‘Fashion for Good’; how important was it for this brand to be an ethical fashion label?

Well, I think the name says it all. It’s about being conscious of what you do. Once you do that it affects your conscience. I’m deeply rooted in the belief of being conscious of what you do and with this brand I really wanted to bring about the difference and try to negate the adverse impact that fashion as an industry is having on the society and the environment.

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