News ≫ Lanka takes center stage at G7 in Japan

Lanka takes center stage at G7 in Japan

May 17, 2016
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The invitation to attend the G7 summit in Japan being a first in Sri Lanka history, will be an ideal opportunity for President, Maithripala Sirisena to present Sri Lanka’s development plans to the most powerful countries in the world.

Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Asia and Pacific, Director General Ameer Ajwad said a delegation from Sri Lanka will be accompanying the President to Japan where he is to be the chief guest of the G7 summit which will be held on May 26 and 27.

The G7 summit would be conducted under the topic of sustaining the well-being of Asia. Sri Lanka in its goal to be the economic hub of Asia will find the discussion an ideal platform to showcase its potential.

It was mentioned in the forum last Friday that the geopolitical location of the country and the good governance, re-establishment of the rule of law may have been the reasons behind Sri Lanka being invited to attend such an exclusive summit.

Ajwad said there would be two sessions held on May 27. The first round would be a round table setup where President Maithripala Sirisena will be one of the main speakers among the representatives of the G7 regions, some of the discussion topics of the session will be, further enhancement of the economy, quality infrastructure, sustainable growth and the importance of securing seas of growth in Asia.

“This session would be an excellent opportunity to show the growth strategy of Sri Lanka. The second secession: a working lunch will be a discussion on sustainable development, global health, and women empowerment,” Ajwad said.

He further said that following the summit the President will be having a bilateral meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister. In addition to the G7 countries representatives from regions too will be present at the summit. Laos from the Asian region,Papua New Guinea from the Pacific Islands region and Chad from the African region. Countries such as Vietnam and Bangladesh will be attending the event. The summit will also invite dignitaries from associations such as the IMF the World Bank and Asia Pacific Bank along with members of the Commonwealth and 28 members from the European Union.

Economic analyst, Lalith De Silva who also attended the conference said the presence of Sri Lanka in this summit speaks about the world recognising Sri Lanka as a stable economy and will send the message that Sri Lanka is now a suitable country for investment. (CDN)

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