News ≫ Kalapola offered artists a breath of fresh air

Kalapola offered artists a breath of fresh air

Mar 11, 2019
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Kalapola, the largest open-air art fair and the most anticipated art event in Sri Lanka, was held recently in Colombo. Thousands of people attended the fair which was held for the 26th year. Kalapola has become a specific cultural event and it showcases various forms of art ranging from oil paintings, acrylic, watercolour to wood carvings, drawings, live portraits, and assembled art to name a few. Art curators, collectors, artists, art material suppliers, buyers, art critiques, visitors, foreigners, art enthusiasts, Art gallery owners, art students and undergraduates were among the participants at Kalapola.

Artists reached the venue early in the morning to set up their paintings and got ready for the big day. This happened while big collectors arrived as early as possible to snatch away valuable pieces of art. With hundreds of stalls and colourful paintings competing to attract the wandering eye, the event produced a unique charisma, fun and excitement.

The event offered a cultural platform for professionals, amateurs and art enthusiasts to meet, share and discuss art. Many undergraduates joined and displayed their artwork here, expanding their contacts and building on their future customer base.

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