News ≫ Japan’s Sony and Fujisoft ink deal with Sri Lanka’s Smart Metro

Japan’s Sony and Fujisoft ink deal with Sri Lanka’s Smart Metro

May 11, 2016
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Smart Metro, a Sri Lankan based software development company signed two separate agreements with Sony Corporation and Fujisoft Inc, Tuesday.

The company will be the new sole agent for the distribution and application of Sony’s Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology widely known as ‘FeliCa’ and Fujisoft ‘s Finger-vein Biometric Authentication technology.

“Our partnership with Sony will provide for wider deployment of exciting NFC options ranging from tea, transport, health, defense and many more than any other solution on the market,” said S Hendawitharana, chief executive of Smart Metro.

“The partnership with Fujisoft Inc allows Smart Metro to market Smart Authentication that uses the finger-vein authentication which in today’s world is the most secure form of authentication.”

NFC is a simple intuitive technology which allows consumers to interact securely with various applications in different domains with a simple tap.

The tap-based interactions provide access to content and services by tapping smart objects and connecting devices by holding them next to each other.

“Using Sony’s FeliCa card and NFC mobile contactless experience, we will ensure that we can make a positive contribution to improve Smart Metro’s provisioning of a common platform for contactless payment service,” Toshio Yoshihara head of SONY FeliCa division said.

“From this first step with Smart Metro we will further expand the FeliCa business in the Sri Lankan market.”

Sony FeliCa technology is widely used the world over with more than 250 million cards and mobile phones with embedded FeliCa chip in circulation.

The FeliCa cards and other form factors allow them to be used in various domains for operations such as secure access control, fast transit and other payments.

Chan Gunawardena, chief information officer of Smart Metro said the Sony FeliCa cards will be used to input static and semi-static data elements to the NFC enabled data acquisition devices securely and accurately instead of time consuming processes of manual data entry.

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