News ≫ Jacqueline Fernandez named ‘Sri Lankan of the Year’

Jacqueline Fernandez named ‘Sri Lankan of the Year’

Dec 11, 2017
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Bollywood superstar Jacqueline Fernandez has been named Sri Lankan of the Year 2017 by a leading business magazine. The 31-year-old actress-model’s career took off since winning the Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant in 2006.

She starred in a number of Bollywood blockbusters alongside world-renowned actors such as Salman Khan. Earlier this year, she received the International Humanitarian Award for her charity work in India and abroad, at a glittering ceremony of the second annual Asian Voice Charity Awards in London.

“Beauty and capability merge to produce a powerhouse in the entertainment industry who has captivated international audiences and is currently the pride of Sri Lanka. “She has put Sri Lanka on the global map on many occasions and is a true ambassador for her country – be it through cinema, global brands, local cuisine, worthy business interests or charitable causes.”

Ms Fernandez, who spent a major part of her childhood and teenage years in Bahrain where she attended the Sacred Heart School, became the 23rd Sri Lankan of the Year, joining the company of Sri Lanka’s most eminent citizens over the years, a number of whom have had their names etched in the annals of the South Asian nation’s history.

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