News ≫ Introducing SLASSCOM Global Referral Program in Sri Lanka

Introducing SLASSCOM Global Referral Program in Sri Lanka

Apr 29, 2021
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Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM) is the national chamber for the knowledge and innovation industry in Sri Lanka and acts as the catalyst of growth. We do this by facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment, encouraging research and innovation, and by influencing a national policy framework of value to the industry. SLASSCOM has over 200 member companies with a 30,000+ employee base.

To meet the target of the ICT/BPM industry achieving US$ 5 billion in export revenue by 2025 In Sri Lanka, one of SLASSCOM’s key strategic goals is to attract more sustainable investment into the ICT/BPM industry. The SLASSCOM Global Referral Program was launched with the vision of tapping into the networks of Sri Lanka’s Diaspora and harnessing those valuable connections to drive leads towards Sri Lanka’s top ICT/BPM service providers.

The GRP makes sure that as a referrer, you are directly connected with the right person from the right company. It eases the process of connecting individuals and businesses across the world with IT-BPM companies of Sri Lanka – while ensuring the Sri Lankan Diaspora and the ICT/BPM industry both reap the rewards of the association. 

Our key strategic initiatives under forums are:
Marketing and Demand Generation
Marketing – Access to markets and assisting companies grow

Capacity and Skills Development
Capacity – Increasing the talent pool, enhancing capacity and skills
Regional Development – Developing regional IT hubs across the island
Entrepreneurship – Triggering Sri Lanka’s next unicorn
– TechKids – Infleuncing future Tech Leaders

Building Industry Capability
– Technology – Enabling talent with technology trends
– Quality – Embedding quality into talent and organizations
– Business Process Management – Building industry capacity and visibility – Innovation
– Harnessing Sri Lanka’s ingenuity
– Human Resources – Enabling world-class people practices

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