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Inauguration of Sakya Kingdom

May 20, 2017
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The Light of Asia Foundation , the Ministry of Budhdhasasana and the National Film Corporation organized a beautiful inauguration ceremony of the first phase of the Sakya Kingdom in Kahapola, Piliyandala. President Maithripala Sirisena officially opens the replica of the Sakya kingdom of ancient India.

The kingdom would include replicas of places of significance in Lord Buddha’s life such as Lumbini gardens where prince Siddhartha was born, Palace Ramya which translate to “Charming” on one of the 3 palaces King Sudhdhodana built with every luxury imaginable. Kusinara where lord buddha passed away and other important places. The proposed construction would cost Rs 500 million and would be funded by the private sector. The kingdom will also have E-library facilities, Media stations and meditation centres that could house about 10,000 devotees. Founder and CEO of Sri Lanka Foundation Dr. Walter Jayasinghe and his wife Aeshea Jayasinghe was also present at the event.

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