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How A Financial Professional Can Help You!

Sep 28, 2020
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Financial Professionals: Guidance for Your Financial Journey.

When you work with a Prudential Advisors financial professional, you’ll do more than simply find a bridge between our company’s products and your financial concerns.

You’ll also gain access to a professional relationship geared to help you meet the challenges of your financial life.

It’s a relationship based on integrity. On trust. And on a commitment to helping you find financial confidence – at every step along the way, no matter your stage of life. What’s Right for You?

Everyone has different financial goals. That’s why it’s important for you to work with someone who can understand your specific financial situation, and provide recommendations with that knowledge in mind. A financial professional from Prudential Advisors can help:

• Evaluate your financial needs, priorities and goals

• Develop a step-by-step strategy to support your objectives

• Periodically review your goals, and adjust strategies when needed

• Work with your professional advisors, like your accountant or attorney, if necessary What Are Your Financial Challenges?

Our financial professionals take a well-rounded approach to your finances, leveraging a range of skills and experience to help you with:

• Building a solid financial foundation
• Facing the financial challenges of simultaneously providing for your children and your parents
• Planning for the costs of higher education
• Leaving a legacy
• Preparing for retirement
• Protecting your small business and attracting and retaining top talent The Components of Financial Security.
Depending on your financial situation and goals, the financial professional you work with may speak with you about one or more of these products and services:
• Life insurance, which can help continue, upon your death, financial support for those who rely on you
• Chronic/terminal illness riders, to accelerate policy death benefits to help out financially during a chronic or terminal illness. Terms and conditions may apply.
• Annuities, which can help reduce the risk of outliving your money in retirement
• Mutual funds, to help you invest for the future
• Long-term care insurance, to help offset some costs of long-term medical care
• Property and casualty insurance, to help protect your car, home and possessions • Disability income insurance, to help provide some income should you become disabled and unable to work for a period of time.

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