News ≫ HelpAge Sri Lanka plugs its country’s homecare gap

HelpAge Sri Lanka plugs its country’s homecare gap

Dec 31, 2017
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Sri Lanka has one of the fastest ageing populations in Asia. Over 13% of people are over 60 years old and by 2050 this is projected to increase to more than 28%.

Most of the older population lives in rural areas and is increasingly marginalised as younger generations move to cities and overseas searching for better opportunities. This has weakened family support systems, leaving older people alone in their homes and without the crucial care that their close family may have otherwise provided.

In light of this, the demand for home-based care services is growing to enable older people to access the support they need. To help plug this gap, HelpAge Sri Lanka offers a multi-faceted training scheme that works with people of all ages to enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudes when providing care to older people in their homes.

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