News ≫ Galle, Southern Province, Sri Lanka for Jungle Beach Experience

Galle, Southern Province, Sri Lanka for Jungle Beach Experience

Jun 23, 2016
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Galle is a marine city in Sri Lanka, loved by many visitors who started re-visiting this incredibly beautiful place after a reconstruction of buildings, businesses, and hopes of many people that were once destroyed by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

A manager of the temple on the mountain, who did not speak, was explaining the size of the waves throughout the times using his hands to us.

We couldn’t pass when we saw a sign that says, “Jungle Beach.” We walked towards the way that sign indicates, and got startled by a giant Monitor Lizard that walked out from a house and disappeared into another.

Soon, the road became a real jungle. After walking the on the trail a while, we heard some animal noises and saw trees shaking. I thought, at first, that there were human beings on the trees. They were HUGE black monkeys! I have never been that scared by any animal before, but they didn’t even care about us and just kept moving. It was scary, but thrilling and amazing at the same time. We could easily find the jungle beach after walking a few more minutes, and it was fantastic! There is nothing like jumping into cool crystal clear water after a long walk in a hot day.

People say hello to us when we walk around the town. Tuk tuk drivers ask, “Tuk tuk?” When we say “No, thank you.” And they say “Welcome.” This same friendly conversation goes on all day. Just like singing the same song that we all know.

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