News ≫ Fiesta with a Mission Great Meadows Outdoor Concert Venue Fundraiser to Raise Funds for Sri Lanka!!

Fiesta with a Mission Great Meadows Outdoor Concert Venue Fundraiser to Raise Funds for Sri Lanka!!

Jul 22, 2021
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Resilience Institute Foundation of Greater Santa Barbara was established as a nonprofit effort to aid Majority-Minority communities into resiliency in the aftermath of traumatic events.

Together with Music Artists and Nonprofit Entities within our region, we have united to establish a strategy that would bring healing and relief to folks that have been devastated by the COVID- 19 pandemic both locally and in other sister countries.

In other countries aid to people needing medical attention is stringent and costly. Foreign governments have yet to coordinate their pandemic relief efforts and entire regions have been plagued with grief without the comforting support of local jurisdictions or foundations.

In our Country, we have provided some populations with pandemic relief packages toward revitalization efforts. Hard-to-reach populations were not afforded equitable access to State and Federal reliefs. In some regions, local foundations joined forces to bridge the gap and aid those without support. Unfortunately for many, this aid has not afforded them lasting impacts.

As we move forward to revitalize our local economy, heal, and aid others in need; we look toward events that traditionally have brought us together. The Santa Barbara Old Spanish Days Festival has always served to bring people together and help our local businesses. Now more than ever, we all need to connect with a mission to help others By utilizing artistic actions of unity, we uplift our citizens.

Our FIESTA WITH A MISSION Benefit Concert was developed as a part of a strategy that will hold local events leading up to the concert, hold an artistic event as a benefit, and end with support to other countries in crisis.

Prior to our benefit concert, In July, our entity is teaming up with other nonprofit efforts to collaboratively provide vaccine education campaigns for our hard-to-reach populations, provide food distributions for any individuals or families in need, aid in voluntary mobile vaccine rollouts, and aid in helping small businesses apply for relief efforts.

The benefit concert will serve the mission of uniting and building funds for other countries in need and will take place in the outdoor concert venue of the Great Meadows within Chase Palm Park from noon to 7pm on July 31st.

In order to move past the shuttered venues, loss, and devastation felt throughout the globe; we must also help our brother and sister countries as they continue to be devastated by this pandemic. Therefore, post our benefit concert, proceeds will help us host events to support international humanitarian relief efforts in our sister countries of India, Sri Lanka, and our Border city of Tijuana Mexico.

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