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Exploring Sri Lanka through L’Indochine

May 26, 2016
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It is said that the richness of one’s culture is often reflected in fashion – from the materials used to the prints and designs highlighted and featured in a creation, whether a dress, jewelry and other accessories. One interesting and colorful culture is that of Sri Lanka, a country whose pivotal position in the ancient Silk Route has made it a crossroad of cultural and trade exchange between East and West.

This summer, inspiration seeker L’Indochine takes people to an amazing virtual adventure to Sri Lanka with its expertly curated and exquisitely designed fashion and accessories collection.

The abundance of timber in Sri Lanka has paved the way for a strong heritage of woodcarving with amazing details seen in the carving on palaces and temples. Wooden sculptures have become a popular craft item with tourists with statues of Buddha, a variety of gods, as well as animals such as elephants made from hardwood like ebony, palu, sandalwood, gam-malu, and na. Wooden masks are also said to bring good luck, friendship and power. In early times, the masks were used in rituals, dramas and in curing sickness.

The art of metalwork has also had a long tradition at Sri Lanka with gold, silver, brass, and iron works from ornamental casting and pierced designs. Decorative iron or steel handicrafts with wavy patterns of etching or inlays of precious metals and filigree-delicate decorative openwork are also produced in Sri Lanka in traditional techniques.

making, which is actually an Indonesian art, has developed into a its unique style to produce sarongs, dresses, bags and fashion accessories as well as décor items that include wall hangings and cushion covers. Handloom textiles, which were reserved exclusively for royalty in the olden days with designated villages tasked to produce handloom products, continue to be practiced and have become a source of livelihood for villagers who have preserved their skills, passing on the knowledge from generation to generation. Aside from fashion accessories, household linen such as bedclothes, blankets and towels and cushion covers are also produced. Even books, notebooks, albums and writing pads are also creatively wrapped in these woven wonders.

Sri Lanka produces excellent jewelry, which has its roots in two traditions: the Galle, which is characterized by its precious stones, and the Kandayan, with its intricate metal – especially silver work.

Take an exotic journey down the Silk Route with L’Indochine’s Sri Lanka collection of fashion and accessories that highlight the country’s unique and precious heritage.

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