News ≫ Embassy promotes Sri Lankan products in Goiás, Brazil

Embassy promotes Sri Lankan products in Goiás, Brazil

Aug 8, 2016
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The State of Goiás is a fast growing state in Brazil with a GDP of US$ 63.4 billion. The strongest growing area in the state has been the industry and Commerce and its 6.1 million population with a per capita of over US$ 9,962 creates a very attractive market for Sri Lankan products.
Goiás is also a highly potential source of investment for Sri Lanka in agriculture sector. The State is a leading agro products producer in Brazil and its agriculture sector represents over 20.7% of the state GDP. The number of cows has been estimated to be around 18 million which is four for every inhabitant. Goiás is also strong in other agro products such as sugarcane, soybeans, corn, tomato, rice, cotton, manioc and beans.
In view of the commercial importance of the state of Goiás, the Sri Lanka Embassy in Brazil organized a promotional programme in its capital, Goiânia on 17th June 2016 to promote Sri Lankan potential products and also to attract investment to Sri Lanka. The program comprised meetings with Hon. Vice Governor and Government Officials and the Association of Commerce, Industry and Services of Goiás (ACIEG).
During the meeting with Hon. José Eliton, vice Governor of Goiás, General Jagath Jayasuriya, Sri Lankan Ambassador explained in detail the opportunities that Goiás investors will have in Sri Lanka. He said that, Goiás being a leading livestock producer, its investors will be the most potential group to invest in Sri Lanka which imports over US$ 350 million worth of dairy products annually.
Hon. José Eliton who made a serious note of the investment opportunities in Sri Lanka directed his officials to take the message to the leading industry associations. Vice Governor further invited Sri Lankan investors to look into the possibility of investing in rubber plantation sector.
He also emphasized the need of sharing technology of each other’s strong sectors such as dairy, soya and corn cultivation in Goiás and rubber plantation in Sri Lanka. The meeting was attended by Mr. William Leyser O’Dwyer, Foreign Trade Secretary of Goiás, Mr. Antonio Flavio Lima, Executive Superintendent of Department of Agriculture and Mr. Willian Rabelo, Foreign Trade Advisor of Government of Goiás.
During the meeting at the Association of Commerce, Industry and Services of Goiás (ACIEG), its President, Mr. Euclides Barbo Teixeira agreed to organize B2B meetings for any visiting business delegation from Sri Lanka and to provide chamber premises free of charge to arrange mini exhibition for Sri Lankan products.
The Special product display arranged at the Chamber was a good opportunity for its members to gain a thorough understanding on the Sri Lankan export products. They also had the opportunity to watch videos on Sri Lankan potential products and Sri Lanka Tourism during the meeting. Samples and product brochures were also distributers among the participants at the end of the meeting.
On behalf of the Embassy, Mr. Premathilake Jayakody, Commercial Secretary coordinated the entire programme.

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