News ≫ Edirisinghe Brothers Launch Sri Lanka’s Second Hybrid Hub Facility in Piliyandala

Edirisinghe Brothers Launch Sri Lanka’s Second Hybrid Hub Facility in Piliyandala

Oct 8, 2018
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Edirisinghe Brothers Limited (EBL) announced the launch of Sri Lanka’s second purpose-built facility – dedicated for the servicing, repairing and battery conditioning of Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles – in Miriswatte, Piliyandala.

Edirisinghe Brothers’ Hybrid Hub, launched two years ago with its first centre located in Colombo adjacent to the Premadasa Cricket Stadium in Khettarama, has established itself as The Hybrid Vehicle Experts in the county. The facility has managed to earn the respect and adoration of all its customers, based on delivering high quality services, backed by a culture of sharing knowledge with its clientele. Unlike with many other service providers, the staff are known to educate hybrid vehicle owners about proper maintenance tips, driving patterns for fuel consumption, and ways in which to get the most out of your hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid Hub is Sri Lanka’s exclusive authority using the proprietary HV Battery Diagnostic and Conditioning system from Quarto Technical Services in U.S.A. The technology allows to revive the power and energy capacity of weak hybrid batteries to up to 95% of their original capacity. The validated battery conditioning equipment does this by analysing the State-Of-Health (SOH) of individual battery modules by connecting directly to them.

Mr. Sanka Edirisinghe, Co-Chief Operating Officer – Edirisinghe Brothers’ Hybrid Hub, said, ‘When we opened the first Hybrid Hub facility in Colombo, we did so seeing Sri Lankan vehicle owners displaying a shift towards hybrids. Around 90,000 HEVs had been registered at the time, and the demand shows little sign of slowing down two years down the line.’

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