News ≫ DeLon launches ‘Aadare’, his first song in Sinhalese!

DeLon launches ‘Aadare’, his first song in Sinhalese!

May 25, 2017
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Back in Sri Lanka, DeLon Jayasingha is making magic again with his new song ‘Aadare’, its music video set for release in two weeks. This is the first time DeLon has created a song where he is singing in Sinhalese, and judging by the response received via his channel and local radio stations, it’s guaranteed to set your toes tapping to a chorus that’s hard to forget.

Hardly a newcomer to the Sri Lankan music industry, DeLon started his career with the hit single ‘Jeevithe’ that became one of the featured tracks on YesFM’s official tsunami release CD, followed with multiple #1 radio hits and accolades awarded to him by Derana’s Award show.

Through the years, DeLon has been a highly sought after artiste because of his lyrical prowess, originality and unwillingness to back down in the face of suppression. During the heat of Sri Lanka’s civil war, DeLon stood up for his country with a YouTube video that went viral, which spoke about the atrocities of the war, and actively supported ending the war that had been ravaging Sri Lanka for more than 30 years. After the war, the Sri Lankan government released an official statement from the then Consul General of Sri Lanka, Dr. Hector Weerasinghe praising DeLon and calling him an “artiste of peace,”. It noted that his music was “instrumental in bringing global attention to our country and our efforts to rebuild and re-establish democracy.”

Commenting on his visit to Sri Lanka, DeLon says: “I am happy to be back in Sri Lanka, and I’m happy to be making music again for the country. I am also excited about all the new music I’m releasing in 2017 for my fans in my motherland”. With more trendy singles focused on the Sri Lankan audience in the future, DeLon makes it easier for his followers to keep track and subscribe to his every move on and

Utilizing his multi-cultural knowledge and identity, he is innovative in his writing style, with incredible singing vocals and raw hip-hop fury that creates quite a unique style. Passionate, humble, talented and so entertaining, DeLon is achieving a level of international greatness, while remaining a positive influence to our youngsters and staying proud of his homeland, Sri Lanka.

When asked what inspires him, DeLon said: “I try to be the very best version of myself and see where it takes me. I’m always working towards being a better musician, trying to make an impact through music and inspire artistes to push the envelope and make something innovative.”

DeLon is an American singer-songwriter, actor, rapper, pianist and record producer. He was born in Los Angeles, California to parents from Sri Lanka. After attending college at USC, DeLon released his first album which was critically acclaimed as he became the first artiste of Sri Lankan heritage to be on the US Billboard Charts.

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