News ≫ Crowds flock to Wattala Church to witness ‘miraculous’ sight

Crowds flock to Wattala Church to witness ‘miraculous’ sight

Dec 8, 2017
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Excited Catholics and many others were seen rushing into St. Anne’s Church in Wattala to get a glimpse of a picture of Jesus Christ, where droplets of sweat were seen emerging from the forehead of the image of the blessed Saviour in what seemed to be a modern day miracle.

Parish Priest of St. Anne’s Church, Wattala, Rev. Fr. Sanjeev Mendis, said the watery droplets similar to that of sweat had been flowing from the picture since October this year. “The picture was brought to Sri Lanka by a group of priests who came here 12 years ago from Chalakkudi in India. The priests had distributed several pictures to the Catholics of the area who had attended the prayer sessions.

However the tear-like droplets had been flowing from one picture which was kept in the house of a woman named Niromi Amarasinghe,” Fr. Mendis said. He said the picture was brought to the church after the supernatural occurrence continued.

Niromi said she had witnessed the droplets coming from the forehead of the picture of Christ from time to time. “I noticed the changes and showed it to my mother as well and then we decided to inform the parish priest about it. We were advised to bring the picture to the church for it to be examined,” she said.

“We had family problems for some time and these subsided since the miracle began. I have experienced some strange feelings which are hard to explain ever since this miracle began. I feel that Christ is alive,” she added.

However, Fr. Mendis said it is difficult to make any conclusion at the movement. “There may be a scientific explanation for it but I don’t know how anyone could prove it,” Fr. Mendis said.

Written By Yohan Perera

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