News ≫ Come taste the rich flavors of Sri Lanka at Sri Lanka Day 2017

Come taste the rich flavors of Sri Lanka at Sri Lanka Day 2017

Jul 1, 2017
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Yes it’s that time of the year again. As always summer is the time for Sri Lankan Americans in Los Angeles to gather and enjoy fun events. Sri Lanka Day Expo is the largest of them all. This one day event encompasses everything Sri Lankan and you get to enjoy it all at one place on one day. Mark your calendars and join us on July 15th from 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm as we bring the best Sri Lanka has to offer to Paseo Colorado in Pasadena. The day will begin with exotic Sri Lankan dancing, traditional drumming and Ves dancer. At 2:00pm the Parade of Lanka will take over the Colorado Boulevard. Authentic Sri Lankan Dishes will be available from 12 noon to 9:00pm.

Rice & Curry A meal in Sri Lanka is called “rice and curry”—a term that’s almost synonymous with food in general. Sri Lanka is home to over 15 varieties of rice. Rice and Curry is a sri lankan staple and its usually rice and an assortment of side dishes—anywhere from four to nine or ten, depending on the time and place. There is always a protein like fish, chicken, lamb or pork, a mallum which is a leafy green like gotukola or kale mixed with coconut and a plethora of vegetable curries.

Hoppers – Appa Hoppers are called Appa in Sinhalese. They are curved crepes consisting rice flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, eggs and coconut milk. Made plain or topped in the center with a sunny-side up egg, the crispy-edged, edible “bowl” is typically served with a choice of curry and a sweet and spicy sambal.

Lampries Lampries pronounced “lump rice,” was introduced to Sri Lanka by the Dutch Burghers, a small group of European settlers who have called the island nation home since the 16th century. The dish consists of a bunch of various curries like pickled eggplant; cashew curry; caramelized onions; a choice of lamb, chicken or pork curry; and a deep-fried boiled egg; which are first cooked separately. Then, wrapped in a banana leaf; and baked in the oven, a technique that allows the flavors to meld into an all-in-one-meal.

Short eats Short Eats are an everyday staple in Sri Lanka. Small but filling bite sized snacks usually eaten on the go in or served to tea time guests.The spicy flavors in these little Sri Lankan curry pastries are second to none. A favorite tea time snack in Sri Lanka are called “Patties” these are a lot like empanadas and are enjoyed with a cup of milk tea or Plain-tea. Try some “Malu Paan” traditional Sri Lankan fish buns, uses a wonderful combination of potatoes, spring onions, mackerel and coconut milk powder to evoke the flavors of Sri Lanka.

So mark your calendars and come enjoy some authentic Sri Lankan Flair.

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