News ≫ Celebrating Life- Musical Evening Hosted By Roshan & Annie Seresinhe to Feature the band “NuAsia”

Celebrating Life- Musical Evening Hosted By Roshan & Annie Seresinhe to Feature the band “NuAsia”

Mar 22, 2022
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Renowned entrepreneur and musician Roshan Seresinhe along with his wife Annie and family hosted an event replete with music, an open bar and delightful hors d’oeuvres followed by a sumptuous dinner at the Bellaj Banquet Hall in Burbank.

On that particular Saturday, guests numbering about 150 were treated to the usual warm welcome by the Seresinhe family on their arrival at the colorful venue. With a meticulously planned table arrangement, guests found comfort in sharing a table with friends who were seeing each other after a considerable lapse due to the COVID restrictions in place in California for almost two years.

Guests were also delighted to find a wide array of appetizing food awaiting consumption at their respective tables covering all culinary preferences. With every possible cocktail mix made available at the open bar by energetic bartenders, guests found breaking ice with their friends of yesteryear to be smoother.

The Musical Evening featured a top notch band NuAsia that performed nostalgic and memorable songs from the 1960s onwards. Mixed in with the traditional Sri Lanka Baila, it took only seconds for the audience to ease into the dance floor to exercise their limbs after almost two years. The musical talents of NuAsia, with some band members discovered by Roshan at church, were truly remarkable. It was no surprise that the host of the evening led the musical ensemble throughout the night with his amazing drumming skills. DJ Dev filled the gaps of the evening admirably making sure the newer hits of the day were featured to entice the younger folk in the gathering to stay engaged.

Host Roshan addressing the audience later in the evening, made it a point to highlight the purpose for the occasion. Simply put, he stated emphatically that the musical evening was arranged not to honor a birthday, an anniversary of any special event, but rather “To Celebrate Life” given the difficult two-year period which disrupted person-to-person bonding and the togetherness in the community.

Roshan and Annie, putting together a memorable evening, ensured that every guest was felt comfortable at the event while making certain that there was an efficient security and valet service as well as advising guests in advance to carpool or use ride-share options for their safety.

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